Photography for me is a way to look at the world.I believe life is a series of moments and by capturing the more beautiful of those through my camera I get the opportunity to relive them time and again.

I grew up in Mumbai , the maximum city in every sense. My initial desire was to become a journalist and be part of life as it happens, with that in mind I graduated as a media executive from Mumbai University. My passion for photography however began at quite an early stage, surrounded by cameras all my life, I shot landscapes around the city of Mumbai with my father who shared the same passion. As I kept looking at world through the lens of my camera I discovered that’s what I wanted to do for rest of my life.

I therefore chose to specialise in photography and for same joined the ‘ Light & Life Academy’ at Ooty in India. I chose the fields of Food and Fashion for my specialisation.

My journey as a Professional Photographer began with small projects in the year 2013. I have since then done all kind of work in the areas of Fashion, Food, landscapes, Portraits etc

I have been lucky to get the opportunity to travel a lot in the last few years and with my camera acting as an extension of me I have loved shooting landscapes wherever my travels took me.

My first big break was shooting for Alma Mater. I have since shot for several corporates and business houses.